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Jean-Paul Toshiro

I am a California photographer who specializes in sports, portrait, lifestyle, headshot, photojournalist, real estate and architectural. Who strives to freeze memorable moments in time forever.

About Me

      I am a California photographer. I specializes in sports, portraits, lifestyle, head-shots, events, photojournalism, real estate, interior and exterior architecture.  I strive to freeze memorable moments in time forever. 

     My interests in photography started in fifth grade. This interest lead me to take up a photography class throughout my childhood. With my new found confidence I joined the Juniroa Productions Company as a cameraman and Avid editor. My wonderful mentors  taught me the art of storytelling through video.

     With my ambitious passion of storytelling I was driven to move to Hollywood in 1998. While working in the film industry, I worked on hundreds of productions, playing various roles on production teams from assistant camera operator to production assistant as well as acting and some modeling.

      After working in Hollywood for a decade, I took my acquire knowledge I learned in Hollywood to Las Vegas to start my own photography and video production company.

      While running a successful business,  I decided to get into the San Francisco Bay Area market. After a decade in the Bay Area my business continues to grow and I've never stopped learning ways to improve my work. 

    I'm applying everything I have learned since the fifth grade to do the best work I'm able to for you. Due to my unique life lessons and experiences I have been able to view the world and portray story telling from a very neutral, non-judgmental perspective. You'll find me very easy-going, a team player, open minded, easy to have a conversation with and fun to create with me. 


Jean - Paul Toshiro

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