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Jean-Paul Toshiro San Francisco Photographer

I am a Northern California Bay Area San Francisco photographer who specializes in sports, portrait, lifestyle, headshot, photojournalist, real estate and architectural. Who strives to freeze memorable moments in time forever.

About Me

      I am a Northern California Bay Area San Francisco photographer. I specializes in sports, portraits, lifestyle, head-shots, events, photojournalism, real estate, interior and exterior architecture.  I strive to freeze memorable moments in time forever. 

     My interests in photography started in front of the camera as a model while in high school. This interest lead me to take up a photography class. My new found passion in life moved me to take a photography class at my local community college in Hawaii. My professor gave me the confidence that I had talent in the the art of photography. With my new found confidence I joined the Juniroa Productions Company as a cameraman and Avid editor. My wonderful mentors Heather Giugni and Esther Figueroa taught me the art of storytelling through video.

     With my ambitious passion of storytelling I was driven to move to Hollywood in 1998. While working in the film industry, I worked on hundreds of productions, playing various roles on production teams from assistant director of photography to production assistant as well as acting and some modeling.

     After working in Hollywood for a decade, my life took a different direction, which led me to Las Vegas.

     After a ten year hiatus of not touching a camera, in 2015 due to an injury I had to take a pause in my golfing career. With my newfound free time, I decided to buy a Nikon D7200. After going on multiple photography adventures during a summer back home in Hawai'i.  I quickly discovered that I still have a passion for photography. Since then a camera has always been by my side and I have continued to studied the art of photography.

     I'm applying everything I have learned since 1998 to do the best work I'm able to for you. Due to my unique life lessons and experiences I have been able to view the world and portray story telling from a very neutral, non-judgmental perspective. You'll find me very easy-going, a team player, open minded, easy to have a conversation with and fun to create with me. 


Jean - Paul Toshiro

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